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Eventhough I know vegetables almost all my life, but sometimes, I always confused and curious how should I pick best. In my little tips below, I hope that it will help you to get the freshnest and best vegetables for your meals of the day.

Tuesday, February 26, 2008


radish - daikon

Also known by its Japanese name, daikon.
Daikon is a large white radish which can grow to a length of 15 in (40cm), with a diameter of about 3 in (8cm). Choose firm, heavy, unblemished specimens, if possible with some greenery attached which is edible. Scrub well before grating or slicing for use raw in salads or pickle whole. Widely use in Japanese cooking, the fresh root is often served finely grated and eaten with soy sauce. Pickled daikon radish is yellow or white in color, and sold vacuum-packed and in jars.

red radish

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